About High Contrast Photography

High Contrast Photography is a published, award-winning wedding photography company that has been in the business since 2010. We say that our motto is "photographing happiness" - that's because it's our job to ensure your happiness is captured expertly, from engagement to wedding album (and beyond!). That spunky blonde lady you see in the photos down there is me, Sarah Koermer. As the owner of the company, I make sure I oversee every aspect of your photography process so that it's perfectly created, crafted, and captured just for you. You can rest easy knowing that your memories are being captured by a team of photographers who are well-versed in a wide array of lighting scenarios and location quirks! The proof is in the pudding - check out the "Weddings" page to see!

About Sarah

Charm City will always be my home! I was born in Baltimore and raised in the good old suburbs of Harford and Cecil Counties. I've settled quite nicely into the adorable town of Bel Air, and I have to say that being five minutes from Aldi is probably my favorite thing about where I live. I'm a huge foodie, was probably a sommelier in another life, and am absolutely addicted to travel. The place I would go again and again is Tuscany, but the Virgin Islands are a pretty close second!

My parents say that they knew when I was twelve years old that I was going to be an entrepreneur. Whether or not that's true, I figured it out for myself once I graduated high school and got to college. Choosing to study photography was an easy decision, but the craving to run my own company followed soon after! I started up High Contrast Photography while I was still in college, and continued to grow the company after I graduated with my associate's degree. I eventually went on to receive a bachelor's degree in Communication Studies, but by then HCP had flown strongly off the ground!

​I have a love affair with people, laughter, and memories. It is perhaps because of this that I was drawn so naturally and powerfully to weddings and portraits, and I will tell anyone that I have the best job in the world! The love and the infectious happiness I get to witness at weddings or during portrait sessions gives me some of the best "warm fuzzies." Natural emotion, giggles, and connection are what fuel my work, and I'd love to capture yours. :)